M-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas and underground reservoirs

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60. An exploration licensee or production lessee for petroleum and natural gas, brine or for an underground reservoir shall, where drilling, completing or converting operations are temporarily stopped, respect the following closing conditions:
(1)  if a well is not insulated with casing, it must be cemented;
(2)  if a well is insulated by means of a blank casing, it must be equipped with a wellhead or a steel plate having a thickness of not less than 1 cm sealed to the coupling flange;
(3)  if a well is insulated by a perforated casing, it must be filled with a fluid whose density will create a pressure greater than the formation pressure and be equipped with a wellhead;
(4)  if a well is onshore, the wellhead shall be indicated and protected with a fence or a shelter;
(5)  if a well is in a water-covered area, the wellhead must be equipped with a device enabling it to be located easily;
(6)  if a well is closed temporarily it must be left in a condition that will prevent a fluid or gas flow from the well;
(7)  the closing of the well must be done according to recognized practices so as to ensure the safety of persons, property and the environment as well as the sustainability of the resource. In the case of the closing of a well done for the exploration or operation of an underground reservoir, the requirements provided for in the second paragraph of section 115 must be met, with the necessary modifications;
(8)  when a well is closed temporarily, a yearly inspection must be carried out and an annual inspection report must be sent to the Minister before the anniversary date of the closing; the report must indicate the condition of the wellhead, fence or shelter and all operations carried out to maintain the closing conditions and be accompanied by photographs.
O.C. 1539-88, s. 60; O.C. 1381-2009, s. 32.