M-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas and underground reservoirs

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46. The daily report under section 45 shall contain all the information collected concerning operations carried out while drilling the well, in particular:
(1)  spudding date and date of the end of drilling;
(2)  the name of the drilling contractor;
(3)  depths reached at the beginning and end of each shift;
(4)  the time spent by the drilling crew on different operations related to drilling operations;
(5)  the type, dimensions and weight of the casing and its setting depth;
(6)  the quantity and rate of drilling mud lost in the well;
(7)  a summary of the working condition of the blowout prevention equipment;
(8)  the type of pump used and its capacity;
(9)  properties and volumes of mud used;
(10)  components used to assemble the drill strings;
(11)  the weight applied to the bit and its speed of rotation;
(12)  results of all deviation and directional surveys;
(13)  the type of cement used for cementation of each casing, giving its density, the nature of its additive and the quantity used;
(14)  mention of any trace of gas, oil or water in the well;
(15)  results of pressure tests;
(16)  the reasons for the loss of any casing or other equipment in the well together with a description of fishing operations;
(17)  a description of the well closing procedure used, where drilling is stopped temporarily or permanently;
(18)  the following information concerning the conditions of the drilling unit operations, where drilling is in a water-covered area:
(a)  name of the drilling unit;
(b)  number of persons aboard;
(c)  variations in temperature during the day;
(d)  wind velocity and direction;
(e)  height, interval and direction of wavers and swell;
(f)  visibility in kilometres;
(g)  the roll, pitch and vertical movement in the case of an offshore drilling unit;
(h)  dimensions, distance and direction of any icebergs.
O.C. 1539-88, s. 46; O.C. 1381-2009, s. 24.