L-6.2, r. 1 - Regulation under the Tobacco Control Act

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2. In a tobacco retail outlet, all advertising disseminated pursuant to subparagraph 9 of the first paragraph of section 24 of the Act must be displayed on one display board only.
The display board must be fixed, rectangular, flat and opaque, and not have a raised surface. Only one of its sides, having a maximum surface area of 3,600 cm2, may display the advertising, which may be written or printed directly on the board or posted on it by means of a sign. In the latter case, the sign must be affixed to the board, not be embossed and not extend beyond the edges of the display board.
The display board and any sign it may contain must be white and the characters of the text of the advertising appearing on it must be black.
O.C. 704-2008, s. 2.