L-6, r. 8 - Rules respecting conditions governing admission of the public, maintenance of public order and safety of persons in State casinos

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3. Any person may be refused admission to a State casino for any of the following reasons:
(1)  because he has applied in writing to the director of the State casino to be so excluded for a period determined by him;
(2)  because his presence or behaviour is of such a nature as to disturb order, tranquility, or the activities of the State casino;
(3)  because he is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, hallucinogenic substances or narcotic or anaesthetic preparations, and his faculties or his motor coordination are obviously disturbed;
(4)  unless he is a member of the security staff authorized by the Société, or a member of a police force, because he has in his possession an offensive weapon such as a firearm or a knife.
O.C. 1256-93, s. 3.