L-6, r. 6 - Rules respecting publicity contests

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3. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on shall, 10 days prior to the date that the contest is publicized to the public in the case of a publicity contest in which the total prize value exceeds $2,000, file with the board the text of any advertisement used in the publicity contest.
Notwithstanding the first paragraph, where the contest is carried on by or in cooperation with a broadcaster required under the Broadcasting Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. B-9) to keep taped recordings of all advertising broadcast by him, a person for whom the publicity contest is carried on shall file the text referred to in the first paragraph with the board not later than 5 days following the date on which the contest is publicly launched.
Decision 82-08-02, s. 3; Decision 88-12-14, s. 2; M.O. 98-12-03, s. 3.