L-6, r. 6 - Rules respecting publicity contests

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15. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on shall, within 60 days following the date on which a prizewinner is named, file a written report with the board that specifies:
(1)  whether all the prizes offered have been delivered;
(2)  the name and address of each winner of a prize valued at $100 or more;
(2.1)  the prize won by the participant and the date on which the prize was delivered;
(3)  the name and address of any winner who has not claimed his prize, the prize won by him, the reason his prize has not been delivered to him and the measures taken in an attempt to deliver the prize to him, whatever the value of the prize;
(4)  the prizes that have not been awarded or delivered, their description and the reason why each prize has not been awarded or delivered.
Decision 82-08-02, s. 15; Decision 88-12-14, s. 10.