L-0.2, r. 2 - Ministerial Order concerning the determining of ambulance service zones and the maximum number of ambulances per area and per zone, the standards for ambulance service subsidies, the standards of transport by ambulance between institutions and rates of transport by ambulance

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5. Determining of rates of transport by ambulance
The rates of transport by ambulance are the following:
(1)  $125 for picking up a patient;
(2)  $35 for picking up each additional patient;
(3)  $1.75 for each kilometre ($2.80 for each mile) travelled with the patient in the ambulance.
These rates include all the services that a patient transported by ambulance has a right to receive in virtue of the Public Health Protection Act (chapter P-35).
These rates apply throughout Québec and refer to all pay agents and all holders of ambulance service permits; with the exception of pay agents and permit holders in region 06-A who have made particular operating and remuneration arrangements with the Centre de coordination des urgences santé de Montréal (CCUS) or with any body that succeeds it.
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