J-3, r. 3 - Rules of procedure of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec

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33. Unless otherwise provided for by law, the filing of a discontinuance declaration or of a notice of settlement terminates the proceedings.
In matters of expropriation, the parties shall then file with the secretariat of the Tribunal a document indicating that an agreement has been reached, the date of the agreement and the detailed amount of the indemnity for the immovables and movables, rights of way, damages and expert’s fees or, in the absence of a written agreement, if the expropriated right has been transferred, a copy of the notarial deed evidencing the transfer. If the expropriating party has acquired the immovable expropriated for failure to pay the taxes, a copy of the sale contract entered into with the municipality shall be filed.
O.C. 1217-99, s. 33.