J-3, r. 3 - Rules of procedure of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec

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32. The minutes of the hearing shall be drawn up in the form established by the Tribunal. They shall contain the following information, in particular:
(1)  the date and time of the beginning and end of the hearing, and where it takes place;
(2)  the names of the members of the Tribunal;
(3)  the names and addresses of the parties and, where applicable, those of their representatives and witnesses;
(4)  the name and address of the person responsible for the recording;
(5)  the name and address of the stenographer and proof of oath;
(6)  the name and address of the interpreter and proof of oath;
(7)  whether a telephone conference was held and the parties’ consent thereto;
(8)  the various stages of the hearing;
(9)  the exhibits adduced;
(10)  incidental proceedings and objections;
(11)  the date when an act or action must be carried out;
(12)  the Tribunal’s decisions; and
(13)  the date on which the case is taken under advisement.
O.C. 1217-99, s. 32.