I-8, r. 8 - Regulation respecting the classes of specialization of specialized nurse practitioners

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27. (Revoked).
O.C. 997-2005, s. 27; O.C. 79-2014, s. 14.
27. Nurses who must have a diploma or training recognized as equivalent for purposes of obtaining a specialist’s certificate issued by the Order must submit an application, pay the required fees and enclose the following documents, as the case may be:
(1)  a certified, true copy of their specialized nurse practitioner diploma or certificate issued outside Quebec, legally authorizing them to practise in the specialty concerned;
(2)  an attestation, supported by letters of reference from medical authorities and nurses concerned, indicating that they are practising or have practised the equivalent specialty competently;
(3)  proof that they are in good standing with the competent authority in the location where they practise the equivalent specialty;
(4)  an attestation indicating that they have completed their graduate nurse practitioner training in an equivalent specialty outside Quebec, including a description of the training completed, theory courses taken, clinical training periods served, duration of clinical training periods, and proof that they were completed successfully;
(5)  reports on clinical training periods served as part of the graduate program, which must be signed by the competent authorities of the universities with which the training sites are affiliated;
(6)  an attestation describing their clinical nursing experience, acquired in the specialty concerned;
(7)  attestations of ongoing training in the specialty concerned, received during the 3 years preceding their request for equivalence recognition;
(8)  all diplomas they hold, as well as any documents related to other factors that the board of directors may take into consideration pursuant to section 26.
Documents submitted in support of an application for diploma or training equivalence that are written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a French or English translation. Such translation must be certified by the certified translator who translated the document.
O.C. 997-2005, s. 27.