I-8, r. 16 - Regulation respecting diploma or training equivalence for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec

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6. Persons who, for the purpose of obtaining a permit from the Order, wish to be granted diploma or training equivalence, shall apply therefor in writing, pay the processing costs prescribed by the board of directors of the Order under paragraph 8 of section 86.0.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) and provide:
(1)  a certified true copy of all diplomas they hold;
(2)  their school records, including their official transcript bearing the seal of the educational institution in question or a certified true copy thereof, a document detailing course content and training periods served, and the number of hours related to each of these;
(3)  a certified true copy of their birth certificate or, failing that, a photocopy of their passport;
(4)  as applicable, an official attestation that they are in good standing with the regulatory body of the territory within which they are authorized to practise;
(5)  official attestation and a description of their clinical experience in nursing, as the case may be;
(6)  any information or document pertaining to the factors that may be taken into consideration for purposes of section 5.
O.C. 969-2008, s. 6.