I-13.3, r. 9 - Basic adult general education regulation

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20. If the person has already attended an educational institution in Québec, the application must include an official document bearing the permanent code assigned to the person by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, such as a statement of learning achievement.
If the person applying for admission is unable to provide such a document because he or she will be attending an educational institution in Québec for the first time, the application for admission must include a birth certificate bearing the names of the person’s parents, unless the person is of full age, or a copy of the person’s act of birth issued by the registrar of civil status.
If, for one of the reasons set out in articles 130 and 139 of the Civil Code, the person is unable to provide a birth certificate or a copy of the act of birth, the application for admission must include a written affidavit attesting to the person’s date and place of birth. That affidavit shall be made by the person, if of full age, or by the person and one of his or her parents if the person is a minor.
O.C. 652-2000, s. 20.