I-13.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting teaching licences

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15. The purpose of the probationary period is to verify a teacher’s professional competence.
The probationary period focuses on
(1)  the ability to communicate orally and in writing in an efficient manner, and to develop, adapt, manage and evaluate teaching-learning situations designed to enable students to develop the competency described in the programs of studies approved by the Minister, making use of information and communications technologies;
(2)  the ability to establish a rapport with the students individually or as a group, to maintain an atmosphere and environment conducive to the development of competency and to consider individual differences of all types;
(3)  the ability to establish interpersonal relations with parents, the other members of the staff of the educational institution and the partners responsible for the implementation of the services; and
(4)  the ability to act ethically and responsibly in performing the various duties and to be committed to a personal or collective process of professional development.
M.O. 2006-06-06, s. 15.