I-13.3, r. 2.01 - Regulation respecting teaching licences

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63.6. Up to 30 June 2025, the heading of Division 4 of Chapter 5 and section 48 must read as follows:
48. A provisional teaching licence to provide preschool education services and elementary school instructional services may be issued to a person who
(1) is enrolled in a teacher training program in preschool and elementary school education recognized since September 2001 and listed in Schedule I and has earned at least 9 credits in education in the program including at least 3 credits in 3 of the 5 following categories: educational psychology, the teaching of a subject in the Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education, class management, the Québec school system, or intervention with handicapped students or students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities;
(2) has obtained a diploma of college studies in early childhood education or an equivalent training listed in Schedule VII;
(3) has a relevant working experience of 3,000 hours as a preschool or elementary school service educator or teacher; and
(4) has a promise of employment from an employer referred to in section 29 certifying that, within the school year in progress, the person is to be given a preschool or elementary school teaching position and that the position cannot be filled by the holder of a teaching licence.”
Section 49 of that Regulation is therefore to be read with the necessary modifications.
M.O. 2021-12-02, s. 9; I.N. 2022-01-01.