I-13.3, r. 2.01 - Regulation respecting teaching licences

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50.1. A provisional teaching licence is suspended as soon as the holder withdraws from the teacher training program to be completed or ceases to be enrolled in the program for a reason other that the reason provided for in section 50, unless the university has agreed to suspend the holder’s enrollment.
Except where enrolment is suspended, the holder of a provisional teaching licence must notify the Minister and, where applicable, the holder’s employer as soon as the holder is in a situation described in the first paragraph. The first paragraph of section 55 applies, with the necessary modifications, where a situation referred to in the first paragraph is reported to the Minister by a third person.
A provisional teaching licence that has been suspended, pursuant to the first paragraph, becomes valid again for the remaining period of the original validity period and renewable, where applicable, as soon as the holder proves re-enrollment in the teacher training program.
M.O. 2023-02, s. 14.