I-13.3, r. 2.01 - Regulation respecting teaching licences

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43.1. A provisional vocational training teaching licence may be issued to a person who is enrolled in a teacher training program in vocational training listed in Schedule II and who, in addition to meeting the conditions set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 of section 43,
(1)  has a promise of employment from an employer referred to in section 29 certifying that, within 12 months, the employer is to give the person a vocational training teaching position, directly related to the program to be taught, requiring a teaching licence and that the position cannot be filled by the holder of a teaching licence; and
(2)  has earned at least 3 credits in pre-service vocational teacher training in a program listed in Schedule II.
M.O. 2023-02, s. 11.