I-13.3, r. 11 - Regulation respecting childcare services provided at school

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4. A document in which the rules of operation of the childcare service are clearly set out shall be sent to the parent of a child registered for the service. The document shall be sent at the time of registration and each time a change is made to the document.
The document shall include
(1)  the terms and conditions for the arrival and departure of children;
(2)  the days and hours the service is open;
(3)  the dates of the pedagogical days and days outside the school year during which childcare services are scheduled, and the manner in which the parents are to be informed of the addition of such days;
(4)  the various terms and conditions for attending the childcare service that are possible and for changing the attendance established;
(5)  the financial contributions payable and the terms of payment;
(6)  the special rules of conduct or behaviour of the childcare service;
(7)  the cases and conditions of suspension or exclusion of a child;
(8)  the terms for closing childcare services in the event of bad weather or superior force.
O.C. 1316-98, s. 4; O.C. 1053-2022, s. 5.
4. During registration of a child in the childcare service of a school, the principal shall ensure that the child’s parent receives a document in which the rules of operation of the service are clearly established, particularly those related to the days and hours the service is open and to the costs and terms of payment.
O.C. 1316-98, s. 4.