I-10, r. 7 - Regulation respecting certain terms and conditions for permits to be issued by the Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec

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4.06. The tutor shall evaluate the training period segment according to the following criteria:
(a)  organization of work: planning of work, application of methods, standards and techniques, precision and thoroughness in performing work, attention to work;
(b)  accomplishment of work: collaboration demonstrated in work, application of knowledge and guidelines, skill in solving practical problems, practical sense, capacity for research, technical skill;
(c)  professional characteristics: capacity for observation and synthesis, capacity to adapt to various changes encountered in work, sense of responsibilities, punctuality, assiduity, maintenance of professional decorum, professional conscientiousness, efficiency, decisiveness, acceptance of responsibilities;
(d)  personal characteristics: initiative, capacity for self appraisal, imagination and creativity in analyzing problems, success in communication and contacts with others, leadership, dynamism, self command, respect for others.
O.C. 645-93, s. 3.