I-0.2.1, r. 3 - Québec Immigration Regulation

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118.5. An application for selection for permanent immigration filed under the Québec experience program as of 22 July 2020 is processed and decided under paragraph 3 of section 33 or, as the case may be, paragraph 3 of section 34 as they read on 21 July 2020 if it is filed by a foreign national who, on that date, had registered for an intermediate French course, level 7 or level 8 according to the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français des personnes immigrantes adultes or its equivalent, offered by a Québec educational institution in Québec, or had begun or successfully completed such a course, provided if he or she presents the result of the course in support of the application.
O.C. 772-2020, s. 4.