H-4.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting trust accounting by bailiffs and the indemnity fund of the Chambre des huissiers de justice du Québec

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8. Upon opening a general trust account, a bailiff shall complete and forward to the financial institution where the account was opened, as well as to the secretary of the Chamber, the form prescribed in Schedule 1. The form shall contain a declaration of trust and include an irrevocable authorization entitling the syndic, the executive committee or the professional inspection committee:
(1)  to request and obtain at any time from the depositary institution all the information and explanations considered necessary or useful for the purposes of this Regulation;
(2)  if required, to block the sums of money on deposit; and
(3)  to dispose of the sums of money on deposit, for the purposes for which the bailiff practising alone had received them, in the event of the bailiff’s death, bankruptcy or incapacity, temporary or permanent striking off the roll, the revocation of his permit or the limitation or suspension of his right to practise in accordance with the Professional Code (chapter C-26).
O.C. 153-99, s. 8.