F-5, r. 1 - Regulation respecting certificates of qualification and apprenticeship in electricity, pipe fitting and mechanical conveyor systems mechanics in sectors other than the construction industry

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36.1. The Minister issues to an apprentice, on the request of the apprentice and recommendation of the apprentice’s employer, an attestation of experience listed in the following table if the apprentice proves, by means of supporting documents, that he or she carries on a trade referred to in the certificate corresponding to such an attestation of experience and has accumulated the number of hours of practice in the table for work referred to in that certificate.


Attestations of experience Number of hours
of practice required


Attestation of experience 1,200
in process pipe
fitting (ATPT)

Attestation of experience 4,000
in elevating platform
mechanics (AMPFÉ)

Attestation of experience 3,000
in passenger ropeway
mechanics (AMRM)
An attestation of experience is considered to be a certificate of qualification for the purposes of sections 1 to 3, 8, 16, 17, 22 to 28, 30 and 31. Despite section 9, the holder is eligible for the qualification examination, on payment of the duties exigible, and sections 11 to 13 apply to the examination to which the holder is admitted, with the necessary modifications.
The application for an attestation of experience referred to in the first paragraph must be made not later than 31 March 2009.
O.C. 1146-2008, s. 14.