F-5, r. 1 - Regulation respecting certificates of qualification and apprenticeship in electricity, pipe fitting and mechanical conveyor systems mechanics in sectors other than the construction industry

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17.1. In the cases referred to in the second paragraph of section 17, the supervision may be carried on remotely where the employer who has the work carried on by the apprentice
(1)  has put in place means to enable the apprentice, during the work supervised remotely, to communicate with the qualified person referred to in section 17.3 and receive technical support from that person;
(2)  has made sure that the qualified person referred to in section 17.3 may, within a reasonable time, intervene on the premises with the apprentice;
(3)  has established procedures for overseeing the work and restarting the installations and equipment on which the apprentice works.
O.C. 1500-2023, s. 5.