F-3.1.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting ethics and discipline in the public service

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9. Public servants shall be permitted to hold a position outside the public service only if:
(1)  they ensure that the holding of that position does not hinder their performance as a public servant;
(2)  they avoid all conflicts between the exercise of that position and the exercise of the position they hold as a public servant; and
(3)  they avoid all other breaches of the standards of ethics applicable to them as a public servant that may be caused by the exercise of that position.
In case of doubt, public servants may ask the opinion of the deputy minister of their department or the chief executive officer of the body or agency for which they work, who may seek the opinion of the Deputy Minister of Justice and shall advise public servants of the proper attitude to take.
O.C. 1248-2002, s. 9.