E-9.1, r. 2.1 - Regulation respecting agreements entered into by private educational institutions with respect to collaboration with police forces for prevention and investigation purposes and interventions by police officers in an emergency or when an act of bullying or violence is reported

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6. In the emergency context, the agreement must contain the following special stipulations:
(1)  the roles, responsibilities and procedures to be followed when an event occurs that requires an emergency police intervention, taking into account the respective mission of each party and, where applicable, any applicable emergency plan or other mode of intervention;
(2)  an undertaking by the parties to conduct a review following an emergency police intervention, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of the collaboration and the intervention;
(3)  a communications strategy applicable in the context and targeting the parents of students, the members of the school staff, the media and any other person concerned.
O.C. 829-2015, s. 6.