E-12.000001, r. 1 - Regulation under the Money-Services Businesses Act

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3. The licence application must be filed together with, in addition to the documents prescribed under the Act, the following documents:
(1)  an official document of the money-services business confirming the appointment of the respondent acting in such capacity;
(2)  a statement from each officer of the money-services business, its directors or partners, its branch managers, its employees whose functions are related to the money services offered, and the persons or entities who, directly or indirectly, own or control the business, indicating whether or not they are in any of the situations described in paragraph 6 of section 11, paragraph 1 of section 12 or section 14 of the Act, if applicable;
(3)  a statement indicating whether or not the money-services business is in any of the situations described in paragraphs 3 and 6 of section 11 or in paragraphs 1 and 2 of section 12 of the Act;
(4)  a list, including the address and telephone number, of the establishments of the mandataries of the money-services business in which money services are offered.
M.O. E-12.000001-2012-02, s. 3.