D-9.2, r. 8 - Regulation respecting distribution without a representative

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8. The text of the distribution guide:
(1)  shall be presented in narrative style, in the order of the items indicated in Schedule 4 and using the same headings and sub-headings;
(2)  shall be printed in a character equivalent to Bookman Old Style at least 10 points in size; however, the texts of the item concerning the exclusion or reduction of coverage shall be in bold-faced characters;
(3)  shall provide for a line spacing of at least 2 points;
(4)  shall present a table of contents of the items;
(5)  shall be drafted clearly and simply in order to transmit an unambiguous message;
(6)  shall consist of short, direct sentences, and the text shall be concise;
(7)  may include illustrations, color, pictures, and informative items in order to facilitate comprehension by the consumer and transmit information in a user-friendly manner;
(8)  shall include definitions when necessary to facilitate comprehension of the information set out in the guide.
Decision 99.06.45, s. 8.