D-9.2, r. 2 - Regulation respecting firms, independent representatives and independent partnerships

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28.2. When firms, independent representatives or independent partnerships registered in the sector of mortgage brokerage receive or collect an amount on behalf of others in connection with their activities governed by the Act, they must give to the party from whom they receive or collect the amount a receipt indicating:
(1)  the date of receipt or collection of the amount;
(2)  the date the receipt is prepared;
(3)  the amount received or collected, the form in which the amount is received or collected and the currency the amount is in;
(4)  the name and address of the party from whom they received or collected the amount;
(5)  the name of the mortgage broker involved in the transaction;
(6)  the name and signature of a person authorized to sign the receipt for them;
(7)  that the amount received or collected has been or will be deposited in their separate account;
(8)  the purposes for which the amount is received or collected.
M.O. 2020-02, s. 4.