D-9.2, r. 19 - Regulation respecting the keeping and preservation of books and registers

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3. Firms, independent representatives or independent partnerships may, for the keeping of such registers, use a computer or any other data-processing technique, provided that they take reasonable measures to prevent the loss or destruction thereof and to prevent the falsification of the entries and that it be possible to provide the information upon request and in an accurate form that is comprehensible to any person authorized by the Act to verify it.
To the extent provided for by the Act, the books and registers that shall be maintained pursuant to this division may be consolidated in one register provided that all the required information is recorded in it and that the client records provided for in the Regulation respecting firms, independent representatives and independent partnerships (chapter D-9.2, r. 2) may be separated from it.
Decision 99.05.76, s. 3.