D-9.2, r. 18 - Regulation respecting information to be provided to consumers

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4.14. In this Division
“confirmation” means a document evidencing a subscription;
“Fund Facts” means a disclosure document which forms part of the information folder detailing the particulars of a segregated fund offered under an individual variable insurance contract;
“individual variable insurance contract” means an individual contract of life insurance, including an annuity, or an undertaking to provide an annuity, under which the liabilities vary in amount depending upon the market value of a segregated fund in which amounts are allocated by the contractholder, and includes a provision in an individual contract of life insurance under which policy dividends are allocated to such a fund;
“information folder” means a disclosure document in respect of an individual variable insurance contract, prepared by an insurer in compliance with the Guideline on Individual Variable Insurance Contracts Relating to Segregated Funds, which includes, in particular, Fund Facts;
“segregated fund” means a separate and distinct group of assets maintained by an insurer in respect of which the non-guaranteed benefits of a variable insurance contract are provided;
“subscription” means allocation to a segregated fund by an insurer of the amounts invested by a client, in accordance with the client’s instructions; these amounts and the corresponding benefits under the individual variable insurance contract are measured by means of a unit of the segregated fund.
M.O. 2010-18, s. 3.