D-9.2, r. 15 - Regulation respecting the registration of firms, representatives and independent partnerships

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14.4. A firm registered with the Authority in the sector of the group insurance of persons the shares of which are not listed on a stock exchange may also present itself using the title of “firm in the brokerage of group insurance of persons” if it satisfies one of the following conditions:
(1)  these shares or the voting rights attaching thereto are not, as provided under section 147 of the Act, held directly or indirectly in a proportion of more than 20% by financial institutions, financial groups or legal persons related thereto actions and this firm is not bound to a single insurer by an exclusive contract; or
(2)  this firm complies with the exception criteria prescribed under section 151 or 152 of the Act.
Decision 2000.10.17, s. 1.