D-9.2, r. 13.1 - Regulation of the Chambre de la sécurité financière respecting compulsory professional development

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3. A representative must accumulate at least 30 PDUs per reference period, in accordance with the following:
(a)  he must accumulate at least 10 PDUs from among the following general subjects:
(1)  management of a financial services firm;
(2)  Civil Code;
(3)  accounting;
(4)  economics;
(5)  finance;
(6)  business planning for clients;
(7)  business planning for representatives;
(8)  financial planning;
(9)  tax planning;
(10)  actuarial sciences;
(11)  legislative environment;
(12)  intestate and testamentary successions;
(b)  he must accumulate at least 10 PDUs in subjects pertaining to compliance with standards, ethics and business conduct;
(c)  he must accumulate at least 10 PDUs in the specific subjects pertaining to each sector and registration category for which he holds an authorization to practise.
Every 2 reference periods, the 10 PDUs a representative must accumulate under subparagraph b of the first paragraph must include 3 PDUs related to a training activity developed by the Chamber and provided by it or in partnership with it in the subjects of compliance with standards, ethics or business conduct or on changes in the legal rules governing the activities covered by the authorization he holds.
M.O. 2011-06, s. 3.