D-9.2, r. 13 - Regulation of the Chambre de la sécurité financière respecting compulsory professional development

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4. Representatives referred to in section 1 who are issued a certificate between 30 November 2006 and 30 November 2007, or in any subsequent 24-month period, must accumulate PDUs from among the subjects listed in subdivision 1 in the proportion that the number of full months for which the certificate has been held is of 24 months.
Despite the foregoing, representatives who have held a certificate for less than 6 months are exempt from the requirements of subdivision 1.
Representatives who are authorized to act in a new sector during a period referred to in the first paragraph, in addition to the sector in which they are authorized to act under the certificate, are deemed to comply with the requirements of subdivision 1, but only for that new sector.
O.C. 1010-2006, s. 4.