D-9.2, r. 10 - Regulation respecting the pursuit of activities as a representative

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8.1. No representative in group insurance may render services or offer products in such capacity directly to the policyholder unless he enters into a written agreement with the client which, as a minimum, specifies the following:
(1)  the identification of the policyholder and the person designated as the policyholder’s contact person;
(2)  the nature and scope of the mandate specifying, as a minimum, the following:
(a)  the needs analysis;
(b)  in the case of calls for tenders pertaining to one or more insurance products, a comparison of guarantees, including costs and any differences noted;
(c)  where an insurance contract is renewed, the description of the existing plan and an analysis of group experience.
No agreement entered into may oblige the policyholder to purchase a financial product or service.
This mandate must be dated and signed by the representative. The representative must always give a copy of the mandate to the policyholder or the person designated as his contact person.
M.O. 2013-12, s. 8.