D-8.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the ethics of training instructors and training bodies

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4. In the practice of his profession, an accredited training instructor shall act honestly and loyally and he shall not, in particular,
(1)  use discriminatory, fraudulent or illegal practices and he shall refuse to take part in such practices;
(2)  carry on his activities in conditions or states likely to compromise the quality of the services he provides;
(3)  receive, in addition to the remuneration to which he is entitled, any benefit, commission or discount related to his profession and he may not pay, offer to pay or promise to pay any such benefit, commission or discount;
(4)  use methods for attracting clients that are unfair to the competition or sollicitation;
(5)  abuse the good faith of another accredited training instructor, commit a breach of trust towards him or use disloyal practices;
(6)  take credit for work done by another person;
(7)  plagiarize or use without written permission the content of training provided for instance by a recognized educational institution or by another accreditation holder.
O.C. 1248-2000, s. 4.