D-2, r. 3 - Decree respecting the cartage industry in the Québec region

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26.01. The contracting parties adopt a group insurance plan which is administered by the parity committee.
Each employee who has 3 months of active and continuous service with the same employer and who has worked at least 32 hours in each week included in the period contributes to the insurance plan. He pays a maximum premium of $35 for each week. The employer pays a maximum premium of $35 per week for each employee contributing to the group insurance plan. Each week, the employee’s premium is deducted from his wages by the employer.
This section does not apply to the employer whose every employee subject to the Decree enjoys a social security plan including provisions at least as profitable for the employee.
The insurance of an employee ends at the end of the month during which his employment comes to an end. The employer and the employee are required to pay to the parity committee the insurance premium for the month during which the employment of the employee came to an end.
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