D-2, r. 3 - Decree respecting the cartage industry in the Québec region

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24.04. In the case of an employee who benefits from recall rights for more than 6 months under a collective agreement, the employer is required to pay the compensatory amount only from the following dates, whichever occurs first:
(1)  on the expiry of the employee’s recall rights;
(2)  1 year following the layoff.
The employee covered by this section is not entitled to the compensatory amount:
(1)  if he is called back to work before the date on which the employer is required to pay the amount and if he works thereafter, for a duration equal to the notice prescribed in section 24.01;
(2)  if there is no recall to work owing to a fortuitous event.
O.C. 955-93, s. 14.