D-2, r. 3 - Decree respecting the cartage industry in the Québec region

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24.01. An employer must give written notice to an employee before terminating his work contract or laying him off for 6 months or more.
The notice is of 1 week if the employee has less than 1 year of continuous service, of 2 weeks if he has from 1 to 5 years of continuous service, of 4 weeks if he has from 5 to 10 years of continuous service and of 8 weeks if he has 10 or more years of continuous service.
The notice of employment termination given to an employee during the period when he is laid off is null and void, except for employment whose duration does not usually exceed 6 months each year owing to seasonal influence.
This section does not have the effect of removing an employee’s statutory rights.
O.C. 1393-91, s. 11; O.C. 955-93, s. 14.