D-2, r. 16 - Decree respecting building service employees in the Québec region

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9.05.2. For the purposes of sections 9.02 to 9.05, the employee may exercise the right to be absent as of the death or funeral, without exceeding the following periods, taking the special conditions into account:
(1)  beyond the week after the date of the funeral where the death or funeral occurs inside the country. However, on presentation of a supporting document, the employee may have 2 days of leave to attend the interment or cremation of the body or its placement in a public vault. The employee must advise the employer of the absence as soon as the date becomes known;
(2)  beyond 30 days after the date of the death where the death or funeral occurs outside the country.
In the event that a death for which the employee is entitled to a vacation under sections 9.02 to 9.05 occurs during the employee’s annual vacation, unless there is an agreement between the employee and the employer concerning the resumption of the vacation at a later date, the employee’s annual vacation must be extended by a period equivalent to the vacation to which the employee is entitled.
O.C. 158-2020, s. 27.