D-2, r. 16 - Decree respecting building service employees in the Québec region

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8.09. An employee who has 3 months of uninterrupted service may be absent from work for a period of not more than 26 weeks over a period of 12 months owing to one of the reasons provided for in section 79.1 of the Act respecting labour standards (chapter N-1.1), in particular, sickness, an accident, domestic violence or sexual violence.
The first paragraph does not apply to accidents covered by the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (chapter A-3.001).
An employee must advise the employer as soon as possible of a period of absence from work, giving the reasons for it. If it is warranted by the duration of the absence or its repetitive nature, for instance, the employer may request that the employee furnish a document attesting to those reasons.
O.C. 158-2020, s. 25.