D-2, r. 11 - Decree respecting the automotive services industry in the Québec region

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12.08. The hours of apprenticeship worked by an apprentice in another province or a Canadian territory, for a trade referred to in paragraph 5 of section 1.01 and in paragraph 1 of section 9.01 as regards the notion of journeyman, must be recognized by the parity committee upon presentation of a document attesting to the hours worked. In particular, the document may be a letter or an apprenticeship booklet issued by the competent authority in matters of apprenticeship of the province or territory concerned, or a letter issued by the employer confirming the hours of apprenticeship worked by the apprentice in the employer’s enterprise.
On payment of the fees required for the issue of an apprenticeship certificate, the parity committee issues to the apprentice referred to in the first paragraph an apprenticeship certificate corresponding to the number of hours worked in another province or a Canadian territory.
O.C. 888-2017, s. 7.