D-2, r. 10 - Decree respecting the automotive services industry in the Montréal region

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8.15.1. Except with respect to the death of the employee’s minor child, sections 8.14 and 8.15 apply if it may be inferred from the circumstances of the event that the serious bodily injury is probably the result of a criminal offence, the death is probably the result of such an offence or of a suicide, or the person who has disappeared is probably in danger.
However, an employee may not take advantage of the provisions if it may be inferred from the circumstances that the employee or, in the case of paragraph 4 of section 8.15, the deceased person was probably a party to the criminal offence or probably contributed to the injury by a gross fault.
Section 8.14 and paragraph 4 of section 8.15 apply if the injury or death occurs in one of the situations described in section 8.07.2.
A period of absence under sections 8.14 and 8.15 must not begin before the date on which the criminal offence that caused the serious bodily injury was committed or before the date of the death or disappearance and must not end later than 104 weeks after that date. However, during the period of absence, the employee may return to work intermittently or on a part-time basis if the employer consents to it.
If, during the same 104-week period, a new event occurs, affecting the same child and giving entitlement to a new period of absence, the maximum period of absence for those two events may not exceed 104 weeks from the date of the first event.
O.C. 57-2021, s. 13.