CCQ, r. 8 - Regulation respecting the register of personal and movable real rights

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15.11. The notary verifying an identity shall record the information required by the registrar, including the verification code selected by the applicant that only he can use to identify himself to the registrar.
The notary shall draw up an act en minute in which he certifies that the identity of the person has been established, that the identity has been verified for the purpose of obtaining key pairs and certificates for the electronic transmission of documents to the registry office and, where applicable, that the person whose identity has been established intends to send applications on his own behalf or that he is authorized to send applications on behalf of another person who is named.
He shall convey the recorded information and the certified facts to the registrar electronically in a transmission signed and encrypted by means of key pairs that provide at least the same degree of security and reliability as those issued by the registrar.
O.C. 755-99, s. 2.