CCQ, r. 8 - Regulation respecting the register of personal and movable real rights

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15.01. In addition to where they pertain to property acquired or required for the service or operation of an enterprise, reservations of ownership, rights of redemption and rights under a lease of more than one year, as well as any transfer of those reservations or rights, require publication in the register in accordance with articles 1745, 1750 and 1852 of the Civil Code where they pertain to the following property:
(1)  a road vehicle included in one of the classes referred to in subparagraphs 1, 2, 9, 10 and 11 of the first paragraph of section 15;
(2)  a caravan or a fifth-wheel;
(3)  a mobile home;
(4)  a boat;
(5)  a personal watercraft;
(6)  an aircraft.
O.C. 907-99, s. 2.