CCQ, r. 6 - Regulation respecting land registration

Full text
40. A summary shall state
(1)  the date and place where it is made, the date of the summarized document and the place where that document was drawn up;
(2)  if the summarized document is a notarial act, the name of the notary, the place of his professional domicile and the number of the act en minute or the indication that the act is en brevet;
(3)  if the summarized document is a judicial act, the court that issued it, the judicial district, the court record number and, for a judgment, the conclusions of the judgment;
(4)  if the summarized document is a private writing, the names of the witnesses who certified it, where such certification is prescribed by the law.
(5)  the nature of the summarized document and, if applicable, the date on which the requested application ceases to have effect;
(6)  if the summarized document is a deed of sale or exchange or if it includes such a deed, the price or consideration; and
(7)  if the summarized document is an act constituting a hypothec or if it includes such an act, the amount for which it is granted and the nature of the hypothec.
It shall be signed by the person requesting the registration.
O.C. 1067-2001, s. 40.