C-73.2, r. 7 - Regulation to enact transitional measures for the application of the Real Estate Brokerage Act

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10. For the purposes of section 148 of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (chapter C-73.2), firms, independent partnerships and their insurance representatives and independent representatives that are authorized to engage in brokerage transactions relating to loans secured by immovable hypothec under the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services (chapter D-9.2) before 1 May 2010 are deemed to hold a mortgage broker’s licence or a real estate agency’s licence, as the case may be, until the Organization rules on their application pursuant to that section.
The same applies to representatives of mutual fund dealers and representatives of scholarship plan dealers registered under Title V of the Securities Act (chapter V-1.1) authorized to engage in such transactions in accordance with the Regulation enacting transitional measures for the carrying out of the Act to amend the Securities Act and other legislative provisions (O.C. 12-2010, 10-01-13).
O.C. 301-2010, s. 10.