C-73.2, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the Real Estate Indemnity Fund

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17. (Revoked).
O.C. 298-2010, s. 17; O.C. 1257-2011, s. 1; O.C. 175-2023, s. 5.
17. The annual premium to be paid by licence holders into the insurance fund is determined by the Organization on the basis of common practice and forecasts. It may be adjusted to the following criteria:
(1)  the juridical form chosen for the conduct of a licence holder’s activities;
(2)  the risks inherent in the types of licences held;
(3)  risk experience, loss experience, and the frequency and amounts of claims against the licence holder;
(4)  the territory where the licence holder conducts his activities;
(5)  the fact of the licence holder’s employment with the Organization;
(6)  the fact that the licence holder carries on activities within a business corporation, in accordance with Division IV of Chapter II of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (chapter C-73.2) and Division VI.1 of Chapter I of the Regulation respecting brokerage requirements, professional conduct of brokers and advertising (chapter C-73.2, r. 1).
Where the Organization adjusts the premium, it must do so through an additional premium, a premium credit or modification of the deductible.
O.C. 298-2010, s. 17; O.C. 1257-2011, s. 1.