C-73.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting records, books and registers, trust accounting and inspection of brokers and agencies

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32. As soon as a licence holder has deposited a sum into a general or special trust account, or the sum has been deposited in trust by electronic transfer, the licence holder must give the depositor a receipt with a number, from a series of consecutive numbers, attributed to the receipts the licence holder issues. The licence holder must keep a duplicate of the receipt in his or her records.
The receipt must be signed by the person authorized by the licence holder and, in addition to the elements referred to in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 of section 31, indicate
(1)  the form under which the sum was received;
(2)  that the sum is received for deposit into the trust account of the licence holder;
(3)  the purposes for which the sum is received; and
(4)  that the licence holder will use the sum for those purposes, in accordance with the Real Estate Brokerage Act (chapter C-73.2).
O.C. 296-2010, s. 32; O.C. 154-2012, s. 2.