C-73.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting records, books and registers, trust accounting and inspection of brokers and agencies

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3. The register of brokerage contracts must provide, in ascending order, the numbers attributed by the licence holder to each brokerage contract. The register contains, for each contract,
(1)  where the contract concerns the purchase, sale, lease or exchange of an immovable property or the purchase or sale of an enterprise, the address of the immovable or enterprise covered by the contract or its cadastral description if there is no address;
(2)  where the contract concerns a loan secured by immovable hypothec, the name and contact information of the person or partnership that awarded the contract;
(3)  the date on which the contract was awarded to the licence holder;
(4)  the number attributed to the contract from a series of consecutive numbers used only by the licence holder;
(5)  if applicable, the name of the broker acting for the agency for the performance of the contract; and
(6)  if applicable, the money received in trust as an advance on remuneration or costs.
O.C. 296-2010, s. 3.