C-73.2, r. 2.1 - Regulation respecting contracts and forms

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14. Every transaction proposal with respect to an immovable or enterprise must include the following particulars:
(1)  the names of the parties and their contact information;
(2)  the object of the transaction proposal;
(3)  the identification of the immovable or a description of the enterprise concerned, as the case may be;
(4)  the price and conditions for the purchase, sale or exchange of the immovable or enterprise or for the leasing of the immovable and, if applicable, the amount of the deposit given in trust to the broker or agency in accordance with the terms and conditions for trust accounting;
(5)  the mode of payment of the purchase, sale or exchange price and, if applicable, the terms and conditions governing the payment of additional funds, a new hypothecary loan, the transfer of the obligations of an existing hypothecary loan or a balance of sale price;
(6)  the terms and conditions governing the signing of the deed of sale, the lease or the contract of exchange by the parties;
(7)  a mention to the effect that any statement concerning the immovable or enterprise made prior to the transaction by the seller or lessor forms an integral part of the transaction;
(8)  the conditions for the acceptance of the transaction proposal, including the date and time at which the transaction proposal expires;
(9)  any other right or obligation of the parties.
O.C. 155-2012, s. 14.