C-73.2, r. 2.1 - Regulation respecting contracts and forms

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13. Every contract in which a broker or agency undertakes to act as an intermediary with respect to an immovable or enterprise must include the following particulars:
(1)  the names of the parties and their contact information;
(2)  the object and duration of the contract;
(3)  if such is the case, the contract’s exclusivity;
(4)  if such is the case, the contract’s irrevocability;
(5)  the identification of the immovable concerned, the characteristics of the immovable sought, or a description of the enterprise concerned, as the case may be;
(6)  the price and conditions for the sale, purchase or exchange of the immovable or enterprise, or for the leasing of the immovable;
(7)  the mode of remuneration of the broker or agency, and the conditions on which the remuneration may be claimed;
(8)  the possibility for the parties of engaging in conciliation, mediation or arbitration of accounts in the event of a dispute, as provided for in section 34 of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (chapter C-73.2);
(9)  any other right or obligation of the parties.
O.C. 155-2012, s. 13.